The Lasting Memory of a Red Backpack: My Date Gifted Me Years Ago




the lasting memory of a red backpack my date gifted me years ago

The Lasting Memory of a Red Backpack: My Date Gifted Me Years Ago

Not every great date leads to a lasting relationship, but sometimes it can leave a lasting memory. That’s what happened to me 20 years ago when a blonde photographer gifted me a red backpack. Although our relationship didn’t last, the backpack has been with me through countless adventures, from camping trips to my honeymoon and even as I chased after my kids. It’s a reminder of a fun and playful date that has stayed with me all these years.


Hey there! Remember that one gift you received years ago that has stuck with you through thick and thin? The one that holds unforgettable memories and always brings a smile to your face? Well, for me, that gift was a red backpack given to me by a date. Our relationship didn’t last, but that backpack has been by my side for twenty incredible years, carrying not just my belongings, but also the weight of cherished moments and adventures. Let me take you on a journey through the story of this remarkable backpack and the unforgettable moments it has been a part of.

The Gifted Red Backpack

Picture this: a sunny day, a picnic, and a bottle of wine – the perfect setting for a romantic date. That’s exactly what I experienced when my date surprised me with a red backpack from the well-known camping gear brand, Kelty. Packed with homemade goodies and that bottle of wine sticking out of the top, it was love at first sight for me and the vibrant red backpack. Little did I know that it would become a constant companion for the next two decades, witnessing the highs and lows of my life.

A Date to Remember

The date itself was as memorable as the gift. With his blonde hair and fun-loving nature, my date was a professional photographer with a zest for life. As we embarked on our adventure together, he casually pointed out the backpack sitting on the seat, indicating that it was meant for me. Being an outdoorsy person, born and raised in Colorado, this gesture spoke directly to my heart. The backpack symbolized not just our shared love for nature, but also the excitement and spontaneity of that evening.

The Kelty Backpack

Kelty, renowned for their quality camping gear, had provided my date with two of everything – one for photography purposes and the other to personally enjoy. That special red backpack was his gift to me, a tangible reminder of our connection and the joy we experienced on that fateful date. While the relationship with my date didn’t last, the backpack became a lasting symbol of that one extraordinary evening.

Unforgettable Moments

As the years went by, the red backpack became a witness to countless moments that shaped my life. From camping trips under starry skies to embarking on my honeymoon in New Zealand, it faithfully carried my essentials and served as a constant reminder of the adventurous spirit that my date had awakened within me. The backpack was not just a practical tool, but a vessel of memories and emotions.

The Lookout Mountain Adventure

One of the most memorable experiences with the backpack was a date on Lookout Mountain, just outside Golden, Colorado. With the radio blasting, we drove up the mountain, relishing the breathtaking views and the thrill of being in the present moment. Amidst life’s responsibilities and challenges, that date allowed me to fully embrace my playful side and temporarily escape into a world of joy and laughter.

Conversation and Connection

During our time together, conversation flowed effortlessly between us. We shared stories, laughed at amusing anecdotes, and discussed the complexities of dating. In an era before online dating became prevalent, we defied the norm by meeting through traditional means. Our connection was built on genuine human interaction rather than algorithms. It was a refreshing and invigorating experience, one that has become increasingly rare in the digital age.

Realizing He Wasn’t the One

Despite the fun and laughter, I ultimately realized that he wasn’t the one for me. However, that realization did not diminish the significance of our time together. It was during that car ride, as we playfully challenged each other to guess the songs on the radio, that I discovered the value of living in the moment and embracing the carefree spirit that had been buried within me for so long.

The Playfulness That Stuck

The backpack stayed with me throughout the next two decades, faithfully serving as a reminder to not lose sight of my playful and adventurous side. While life took me down various paths, from different relationships to starting a family, the essence of that playful connection remained etched in my memory. The red backpack became a symbol of personal growth, resilience, and rediscovering the person I truly was.


Twenty years may have passed since that memorable date, but the red backpack still remains a cherished possession. It carries with it a lifetime of memories – from moments of pure joy to instances of personal transformation. As I look back on that date and the years that followed, I am grateful for the experiences that shaped me and the reminder to never let go of the playfulness that has stuck with me. So, here’s to the red backpack, and the journey it continues to embark upon with me, reminding me to embrace life’s adventures with open arms and a playful spirit.

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