What Are The Best Running Backpacks For A Virtual Race?



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what are the best running backpacks for a virtual race

If you’re gearing up for a virtual race and need a reliable running backpack to carry your essentials, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best running backpacks from well-known brands that specialize in meeting the unique needs of runners.

From hydration packs to ultralight backpacks, these high-quality options offer a range of features to enhance your virtual racing experience. So gear up and get ready to conquer your virtual race with one of these top-notch running backpacks!

Features to Consider


When choosing a running backpack for a virtual race, you’ll want to consider the capacity of the backpack. This refers to the amount of storage space available to carry your essentials. Think about the distance and duration of your virtual race and the items you’ll need to bring along with you. A larger capacity backpack may be necessary for longer races or if you need to carry extra gear such as spare clothing or a first aid kit. On the other hand, if you’re participating in a shorter race or don’t require as many items, a smaller-capacity backpack may suffice.


Comfort is another important factor to consider when selecting a running backpack. As you’ll be wearing the backpack for an extended period of time during your virtual race, you’ll want to ensure it fits well and doesn’t cause discomfort or chafing. Look for backpacks with padded shoulder straps and adjustable chest and waist straps, as these will help distribute the weight evenly and reduce the strain on your body. Additionally, consider the breathability of the backpack’s material to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort.


Staying hydrated during a virtual race is crucial for optimal performance, so it’s important to choose a running backpack that offers hydration options. Many running backpacks come equipped with built-in hydration systems, such as hydration bladders or water bottle holders, which allow you to easily carry and access water while on the move. Having a convenient hydration option will not only keep you hydrated but also save time on refilling water bottles or searching for water stations.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of a running backpack can significantly impact your race experience. It’s important to find a balance between a backpack that is lightweight enough to minimize unnecessary strain and bulk while also providing ample storage space. Look for lightweight materials and streamlined designs that won’t weigh you down or impede your movement. Keep in mind that the overall size of the backpack should also be proportionate to your body size and race requirements.

Pockets and Compartments

Having a running backpack with multiple pockets and compartments can greatly improve your organization and accessibility during a virtual race. Look for backpacks with a variety of compartments, including zippered pockets, stretchy mesh pockets, and even external attachment points for additional gear. These compartments will allow you to easily separate and locate your race essentials, such as energy gels, keys, phone, and extra clothing. Having easy access to your items can save you precious time and keep you focused on your race.


The adjustability of a running backpack is important for achieving a custom and secure fit. Everyone’s body shape and size are different, so having adjustable straps and fasteners will ensure that the backpack fits snugly and doesn’t bounce or shift while running. Look for backpacks with adjustable chest straps, waist belts, and shoulder straps. These features will enable you to fine-tune the fit and minimize any discomfort or distractions during your virtual race.

Visibility and Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when participating in a virtual race, and having a running backpack with visibility and safety features can greatly enhance your visibility to others. Look for backpacks with reflective elements or bright colors that will make you more visible, especially in low-light conditions. Some backpacks also offer attachment points for safety lights or have built-in whistle buckles, which can be useful in emergency situations. Prioritizing visibility and safety features will help ensure a safe and secure virtual race experience.

Durability and Weather Resistance

When choosing a running backpack, durability and weather resistance are important considerations, especially if you’ll be participating in outdoor virtual races. Opt for backpacks made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of trail running or adverse weather conditions. Look for backpacks that are water-resistant or have rain covers to protect your belongings from rain or sweat. A durable and weather-resistant backpack will not only provide peace of mind but also prolong the lifespan of your investment.


Price is often a determining factor when making any purchase, and running backpacks are no exception. The price of a running backpack can vary significantly depending on the brand, features, and materials used. Set a budget for your virtual race backpack and consider the value you’re getting for your money. Keep in mind the specific features and durability you require, as opting for a higher quality backpack may be a worthwhile investment in the long run. However, there are also budget-friendly options available that still provide decent performance and functionality.

Now that we’ve covered the important features to consider when selecting a running backpack for a virtual race, let’s take a look at some of the best options available.

Best Running Backpacks for a Virtual Race

Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set

Salomon is a well-known brand in the running community, and their ADV Skin 12 Set backpack is a popular choice among trail runners. This backpack offers a spacious capacity of 12 liters, making it suitable for longer virtual races or those who need to carry more gear. It features Salomon’s Sensifit construction, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The ADV Skin 12 Set also includes multiple pockets and compartments for easy organization and quick access to your essentials.

Nathan VaporAiress

Nathan Sports is another reputable brand that specializes in running gear, including backpacks. The VaporAiress backpack is designed specifically for women’s fit and offers a capacity of 7 liters. It features a breathable and adjustable back panel for enhanced comfort and ventilation during your virtual race. The VaporAiress also includes multiple pockets, including a hydration bladder sleeve and front zippered pocket for easy storage and access.

CamelBak Circuit Vest

CamelBak is a household name in the hydration industry, and their Circuit Vest is a top choice for virtual races. This backpack features a vest-style design with adjustable shoulder and chest straps to ensure a secure and bounce-free fit. The Circuit Vest has a 5-liter capacity, making it suitable for shorter races or runners who prefer a more minimalistic approach. It includes a 1.5-liter hydration bladder and multiple pockets for convenient storage of your race essentials.

Osprey Duro 6

Osprey is known for their high-quality backpacks, and the Duro 6 is no exception. This backpack offers a 6-liter capacity and features Osprey’s AirScape back panel for enhanced ventilation and comfort. The Duro 6 includes multiple pockets and compartments, including an accessible front panel pocket and zippered hipbelt pockets. It also comes with a 1.5-liter hydration bladder, ensuring you’ll stay hydrated throughout your virtual race.

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta

Ultimate Direction is a brand that focuses on creating gear specifically for ultra-runners, and their Ultra Vesta backpack is a popular choice among female runners. This backpack offers a capacity of 4.5 liters and features Ultimate Direction’s Comfort Cinch technology for a snug and personalized fit. The Ultra Vesta includes numerous pockets, including front bottle pockets and zippered compartments for easy organization of your race essentials.

Deuter Speed Lite

Deuter’s Speed Lite backpack is a versatile option that can be used for various running activities, including virtual races. It comes in different sizes, ranging from 12 liters to 24 liters, allowing you to choose the capacity that best suits your needs. The Speed Lite features Deuter’s Lite System for optimum load distribution and ventilation. It also includes multiple pockets, both inside and outside, for efficient storage of your race essentials.

RaidLight Responsiv 10L Vest

RaidLight is a brand known for its expertise in trail running equipment, and their Responsiv 10L Vest is a great option for virtual races. This backpack offers a capacity of 10 liters and features a vest-style design with adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit. The Responsiv 10L Vest includes numerous pockets, including hydration bladder sleeves, zippered compartments, and pole attachment points. It also has reflective details for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions.

Inov-8 Race Ultra Pro 2-in-1

Inov-8’s Race Ultra Pro 2-in-1 backpack is a versatile choice for virtual races, offering both backpack and vest configurations. It has a capacity of 10 liters and features adjustable straps for a personalized fit. The Race Ultra Pro includes multiple pockets, including a large main compartment, zippered pockets, and stretchy mesh pockets for easy storage of your race essentials. It also comes with a 1.5-liter hydration bladder and features reflective details for increased visibility.

UltrAspire Lumen 600 2.0

UltrAspire is a brand that focuses on creating innovative and functional gear for endurance athletes, and their Lumen 600 2.0 backpack is a popular choice for virtual races. This backpack offers a 12-liter capacity and features UltrAspire’s proprietary Comfort Glide system for a comfortable and bounce-free fit. The Lumen 600 2.0 includes multiple pockets and compartments, including a phone pocket and stretchy mesh pockets for easy access to your essentials. It also has reflective details and a removable flashing light for increased visibility and safety.

Montane VIA Trail Running Backpack

Montane’s VIA Trail Running Backpack is designed specifically for trail runners and offers a range of sizes, including 20 liters and 30 liters. This backpack features Montane’s Freelight Chassis system, providing a lightweight and stable fit. It includes multiple pockets and compartments, including stretch mesh pockets and a large main compartment for efficient storage. The VIA Trail Running Backpack also features reflective details for enhanced visibility during low-light conditions.

Now that we’ve explored some of the best running backpacks for a virtual race, let’s consider some additional features to look for and other factors to consider when choosing the right backpack.

Additional Considerations for Virtual Races

Virtual Race-Specific Features

Some running backpacks offer specific features that are tailored to virtual races. These features may include built-in phone holders or pockets for carrying your smartphone, allowing you to easily access virtual race apps or track your progress. Other virtual race-specific features may include cable routing systems for headphones, making it convenient to listen to music or podcasts during your virtual race. Consider these additional features if they align with your virtual race needs and preferences.


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to organization and storage, so finding a running backpack that allows for customization can be beneficial. Look for backpacks that offer modular or adjustable storage options, such as removable or repositionable compartments. This will enable you to configure the backpack to suit your specific needs and ensure efficient storage of your race essentials. Customization options can greatly enhance your overall experience during a virtual race.

Recommended Brands

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned several well-known brands that specialize in running backpacks. These brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry, offering high-quality products that meet the specific needs of runners. Salomon, Nathan Sports, CamelBak, Osprey, Ultimate Direction, Deuter, RaidLight, Inov-8, UltrAspire, and Montane are all worth considering when looking for a running backpack for a virtual race. Each brand brings its own unique features and expertise, so it’s worth exploring their offerings to find the best fit for your needs and preferences.

In conclusion, choosing the best running backpack for a virtual race is a personal decision based on factors such as capacity, comfort, hydration options, weight and size, pockets and compartments, adjustability, visibility and safety features, durability, weather resistance, price, and specific features catered towards virtual races. By considering these factors and exploring reputable brands that specialize in running backpacks, you can find a backpack that enhances your virtual race experience and helps you reach your goals. Happy running!

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